November 28, 2009


Iye gak tuh!!

...well, there is nothing really special particularly about an album being uploaded somewhere in the net or at someone else's blog...none of the people i know ever upload it anywhere (according to my knowledge). But yeah it looks good for promotion anyway, and it is kinda cool that we got a review from it and its posted at
a blog from aint it?

November 18, 2009

Laika the Space Dog

Laika the Space Dog

OH yeah!!

Oh yeah! i just discovered that my artwork was placed here in Pulling Teeth's t-shirt gallery. Quite proud of myself since i'm surrounded by a lot of much better designer than i am...

September 03, 2009

To Whine or to Shine?

It's been 3 months since i got sick, well i'm still unwell, the virus is still eating my body i still get weak, sweat easily, i tire. But i got that in control (more or less) I-Need-To-Eat-Meaty-Food other than just healthy food. Sure spinach, corn, peas, etc makes me healthy, but it doesn't really really add up my weight. Well at least my complain part about food is already over, now all i need to do is to maintain my body weight. Still need to add it up cause somehow i have a really really bum legs, i can't run with it let alone jumping, so i spend most of my day in my bed watching tv or practicing walking faster. Also i spend most of my days listening to Cursed, Reign Supreme, Morrissey, and last but not least Pulling Teeth, so it couldn't be that bad.

Well other than complaining, i also want to remind myself that i feel really lucky. Though i haven't been really productive but i'm really happy to participate in making designs for top notch bands and record label. I'm also glad that i have a really cool circle of friends, they comfort and support me, sometimes in their own weird way but i still appreciate it. They taught me much about trusting people (well this doesn't really implies to everyone...haha). i'm not really good with fancy words anymore, i don't know why maybe i lost it somewhere when i stopped reading/writting. so my question is still am i more prone to whine or to shine? i'm just hoping for the best for myself

"How Great Things Happen When You Give Up Hope"


Hell Yeah!! finally they made it


AT VENUE : 175rb

LINOLEUM : 022-2002880/08156013101
CROSSOVER : 022-92278494/08170247077
DEEP INSIGHT : 022-91872318/022-93242941
METALGODZ : 02291182234
BURNER : 085722337710
QUICKENING : 081572644660
SURGA DISTRO : 02270419644
BURSA MUSIK DS : 08562102595
TRUESIDE RECORDS (JKT) : 085695555533 (indra)
ACA (Straight Answer - JKT) : 021 99248569


And another




Pulling Teeth Interview HARDTIMES.CA


July 15, 2009

Singapore Gig!

Yes took me a while to do this one, collecting pictures and all. but i finally manage to sort them good ones. Here you go!


Train Ride

Group Shot


Cold Hostel


Bus ride to Have Heart show.
(some how this was the highlight while i was there)


Crazy Mosh


Crazy Extreme Mosh!

With the Malaysian guys

2nd set

Extreme group shot!

Another Lunch

Check out the dude on the back!

-Bonus Pic-

Thank you for the photo.

Notice how i use the word "Extreme" a's an slang that Andre uses and he uses it almost constantly...then we got used to it and grew comfortable with that word. It's like an inside-joke.

Big apologies for the late uploading. Better late than never..ha.
Mad Props to the Singapore Kids who take care of us, and fed us. thank you.

A "Get Well Soon" Package!

June -4 - 09, i went to the hospital to get my chest x-ray done.
and turns out i'm coming down with something, and it is something bad. Disappointed of course. But when i got home, i receive a package. I make t-shirt designs for bands so i'm not sure from whom it was. Turns out...

a box package ( which i rarely get )

check out the logo/picture!

PULLING TEETH "Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions"

includes poster, red marble vinyl, cover that is changeable.

Other Stuff!

PT Zip Up Hoodie
PT "Bloodwolves" long sleeve
PT "Mummy" t-shirt (this is one of my design)
PT "Medusa"


although i'm still sick though but remembering this moments just cheers me up. Mad Mad Props for LD. yeah! now i know your real name.


July 01, 2009

Final Attack @ Have Heart Jakarta Show

This is the night before FA went to Singapore, we're beat, tired, exhausted. But we manage to finish our set, watch Have Heart, and go to Chino's & Andre's house.

The Merch Table, Dudes & Dudette.

The Aggressiveness

The Sweat

The Mic Grabbing

The Singalongs

The Guns?!

The Beats

*All picture credited to D. Advena*
she also made took this phenomenal photo.


May 10, 2009


Updates and a whole lot of them!!
no really, a whole lot! i haven't been writing anything in my blog only because i want to wait until i got all my news and update put up together. But turns out there were a lot of news i need to update here. the recent update i can put up is that Final Attack is going to Singapore for a record release party! to be really honest, i only have $20 on spending money, and i need to sell some of my collection before i go, and the best shot i got is at Have Heart show. But i'm still crossing my fingers since i need to get around $80 to survive at least. -J-

March 24, 2009


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen


March 01, 2009

Adidas X - Revelation Records

Well whadyakno! don't mind getting one for myself then.


Currently been bored listening to heavy shits.
Hell, i'm bored and totally bummed out today.
so here it is an awesome band with a insane drummer! and i mean his technique are insane. , i'm not sure where to categorize their music, post-rock, instrumental...or shoegaze. whatever, i'm no expert in this type of music, but i do know that their music is really amazing!
check them out.

New sentimentality

01) Tsunagaru Haruka Achira
02) 1/21
03) New Sentimentality
04) Goodbye


The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety

01) Hangyaku Suru Fuukei
02) Kodoku No Hatsumei
03) Tremolo + Delay
04) Mukougishi Ga Shiru Yume
05) All I Understand Is That I Don't Understand
06) C
07) Past and Language
08) Music for you
09) I do still wrong
10) Metronome
11) Everything means nothing



February 28, 2009

Proof that Final Attack doesn't really cut up to be called as a Hardcore band

an attempt to do a tough hardcore pose band picture

second attempt

third attempt still failed to get that tough pose, ended up looking like this

so yeah, guess it is better for us to be like this...

well yeah the title says it all...but i guess i gotta add more description about it also.
First of all...notice that most of Hardcore band always looks tough on their photo session, or how serious they look like. Ie ; tough guy hc / heavy hardcore band usually puts either smirking faces or angry faces on their session. while other more modern melodic usually smile a little bit or just plain look serious. So in that, we try to re-invent the situation, and for other reason such as we barely had any photo of all 5 of the members in one frame, let alone a photo session.
and here is the results