July 15, 2009

Singapore Gig!

Yes took me a while to do this one, collecting pictures and all. but i finally manage to sort them good ones. Here you go!


Train Ride

Group Shot


Cold Hostel


Bus ride to Have Heart show.
(some how this was the highlight while i was there)


Crazy Mosh


Crazy Extreme Mosh!

With the Malaysian guys

2nd set

Extreme group shot!

Another Lunch

Check out the dude on the back!

-Bonus Pic-

Thank you for the photo.

Notice how i use the word "Extreme" a lot...it's an slang that Andre uses and he uses it almost constantly...then we got used to it and grew comfortable with that word. It's like an inside-joke.

Big apologies for the late uploading. Better late than never..ha.
Mad Props to the Singapore Kids who take care of us, and fed us. thank you.

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All Year Summer said...

that soooo fuckingggg goood.
see you this october. more inside joke please.. hahha.