March 01, 2009


Currently been bored listening to heavy shits.
Hell, i'm bored and totally bummed out today.
so here it is an awesome band with a insane drummer! and i mean his technique are insane. , i'm not sure where to categorize their music, post-rock, instrumental...or shoegaze. whatever, i'm no expert in this type of music, but i do know that their music is really amazing!
check them out.

New sentimentality

01) Tsunagaru Haruka Achira
02) 1/21
03) New Sentimentality
04) Goodbye


The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety

01) Hangyaku Suru Fuukei
02) Kodoku No Hatsumei
03) Tremolo + Delay
04) Mukougishi Ga Shiru Yume
05) All I Understand Is That I Don't Understand
06) C
07) Past and Language
08) Music for you
09) I do still wrong
10) Metronome
11) Everything means nothing




Super GieGie said...
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dinda said...

kmane aje

dinda said...

Super GieGie said...

enyaak... ^_^ dah denger.. << so stupid

Mohd Azar said...

Toe the best