June 24, 2010

Look what Ruiner gave me

Look what Ruiner gave me when they came over to Jakarta.
i know Ruiner came here like a couple of months ago and yeah i should have posted this earlier but i forgot. This is what i get when i was hanging out with them for 3 days.


a couple of hoodies but i sold the other one.

Ruiner "Don't Start A Band" tees
Ruiner "Clint Eastwood" tees
Ruiner "Jonestown" longsleeve
Ruiner "Hell Is Empty" LP
Ruiner banner

they wanted to give me some more but i decline, cause i think it is too much.
so yeah thank you Ruiner for everything.


June 22, 2010

Envy Me!

Envy me because i'll be receiving this in a very short time soon

Vicious Skin 10" picture vinyl.

Pulling Teeth "Pyschedelic Hell"

Pulling Teeth Iceland tour 2009

Pulling Teeth A389 anniversary 2009

Now tell me that i shouldn't be envied? hahahaha


so i'm sick again

So yeah now i'm sick again, i really don't know what hit me but it seems i got no appetite for eating anything. If i eat a normal portion of food i couldn't even finish it half of it, and some time i hurl it out like crazy. i don't know whats happening to me, the only thing that i can eat is pancake, which is soft and kind soggy even those i can't eat a whole bunch i gotta eat it up very slowly. oh well so much for my health...let just hope i get better soon. i don't want what happened last year happen again this year.

June 18, 2010

My design is feature on PT's page yet again

My new design for PT, i can't wait for the end result of the prints