September 24, 2008


SHIT!! dammit i got a lot of design to listed to almost 16 projects.
dammit it seems that i just don't have the time for doing all of this. i'm i think i'm just gonna take a look on the brightside...atleast i can get me lotsa merch by doing this.
anyhoo...yeah things will be great afterwards. another thing that i have on my mind is that other than design projects i got me lot more homework to do like finishing FA's latest (even newer) recording, organizing shitloads of show and such, not to mention my daily job.
but again...hope that all is going to be well

in the meantime check out this upcoming show for indonesia. provided by Trueside Records
and a whole bunch of people that been helping me organizing these show, UxF Bookings, Firstnote Records, Larangan Youth, Workhard Moshhard.

Here After - aussie hardcore metal.

A Better Hope Foundation - hardcore from california

last but not least! Hardfest 2008!
this one is going to be massive!!!

September 21, 2008


DIY Hardcore band from California
this show is gonna be tight!!


September 14, 2008

Jakarta has lost one it's own yet again

Mario Ganzamo

It has been around two full months since Jakarta has lost one of his most dedicated Hardcore kid, also known as Stand Off's manager people recognize as Dhenu.
now on this tragic day, we have to suffer the loss of Mario Ganzamo, from the band called Looserz. we went into a tragic traffic accident today around dawn at 4 am -5am. no one really knows for sure cause there were no eye witness on the event.

I got a call from one of the loudest mouth in the scene (yes Oyi! it is you :D), i didn't manage to believe what he said, but then Mario's band mate talk to me over the phone and explained what happend. i was stunned but still don't believe what really happened. i went calling bunch of my buddies and finally got me a ride to go to the hospital to check out his condition. i cried when i saw him...i couldn't believe what i saw, i couldn't believe that it happened to him. this is like the most time i cried in a day...

I remembered when he came up to me and said how much he love Final Attack and i replied to him by saying that "you and Looserz are one of the reason we keep on going in the scene", i remembered when it was before Ramadhan we took Mario to one of our show and force him to do a song that actually have him featured in the song but he was to shy to play that song because he said that he don't wanna fuck up the song cause he hasn't memorize the lyrics and i said to him "just play and have fun with it, no one would notice anyway", then he still declined and told me "after Ramadhan we'll fuck up the stage together okay, just besure to give me the lyrics".
I remember when he came to Final Attack's latest recording, we were realy looking forward in having him featured in one of our song as well he was really looking forward in recording with us.
i remember when i saw them the first time around 1999, i said to myself that this is the toughest band ever in Jakarta.

All the memories of his laugh, dedication, songs, performance, attitude, behaviour, his love for the scene especially his love for his friends as he would treat his friends like his brother will never be forgotten. he will always be in my heart...

safe journey there Mario...


September 13, 2008


For Our Commitment
Final Attack
What We Think
Straight Answer
Count the Effort
GudangxGaram (Bekasi)
Take One Step (Bogor)
Hooded (Bandung)
xFinal Answerx (Cianjur)
No More Victim Dead (Sukabumi)
Rise (Malang)
This Heart (DIY)
Date: November 23rd.
Place: Maroti Cafe (Dharmawangsa).
PS: ask this dude for the Info,-
Thank you!