July 15, 2009

Singapore Gig!

Yes took me a while to do this one, collecting pictures and all. but i finally manage to sort them good ones. Here you go!


Train Ride

Group Shot


Cold Hostel


Bus ride to Have Heart show.
(some how this was the highlight while i was there)


Crazy Mosh


Crazy Extreme Mosh!

With the Malaysian guys

2nd set

Extreme group shot!

Another Lunch

Check out the dude on the back!

-Bonus Pic-

Thank you for the photo.

Notice how i use the word "Extreme" a lot...it's an slang that Andre uses and he uses it almost constantly...then we got used to it and grew comfortable with that word. It's like an inside-joke.

Big apologies for the late uploading. Better late than never..ha.
Mad Props to the Singapore Kids who take care of us, and fed us. thank you.

A "Get Well Soon" Package!

June -4 - 09, i went to the hospital to get my chest x-ray done.
and turns out i'm coming down with something, and it is something bad. Disappointed of course. But when i got home, i receive a package. I make t-shirt designs for bands so i'm not sure from whom it was. Turns out...

a box package ( which i rarely get )

check out the logo/picture!

PULLING TEETH "Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions"

includes poster, red marble vinyl, cover that is changeable.

Other Stuff!

PT Zip Up Hoodie
PT "Bloodwolves" long sleeve
PT "Mummy" t-shirt (this is one of my design)
PT "Medusa"


although i'm still sick though but remembering this moments just cheers me up. Mad Mad Props for LD. yeah! now i know your real name.


July 01, 2009

Final Attack @ Have Heart Jakarta Show

This is the night before FA went to Singapore, we're beat, tired, exhausted. But we manage to finish our set, watch Have Heart, and go to Chino's & Andre's house.

The Merch Table, Dudes & Dudette.

The Aggressiveness

The Sweat

The Mic Grabbing

The Singalongs

The Guns?!

The Beats

*All picture credited to D. Advena*
she also made took this phenomenal photo.