February 28, 2009

Proof that Final Attack doesn't really cut up to be called as a Hardcore band

an attempt to do a tough hardcore pose band picture

second attempt

third attempt still failed to get that tough pose, ended up looking like this

so yeah, guess it is better for us to be like this...

well yeah the title says it all...but i guess i gotta add more description about it also.
First of all...notice that most of Hardcore band always looks tough on their photo session, or how serious they look like. Ie ; tough guy hc / heavy hardcore band usually puts either smirking faces or angry faces on their session. while other more modern melodic usually smile a little bit or just plain look serious. So in that, we try to re-invent the situation, and for other reason such as we barely had any photo of all 5 of the members in one frame, let alone a photo session.
and here is the results



Kenet said...

Ahahah. FA is boyband similar westlife. agree or not? ahahha.!

dinda said...

agreed. hahha

Najib Humphrey said...

Aku ingat band aku yg paling cute.
Tapi Final Attack cowok2nye 100 kali lagi cute!
And yes i agreed.

Deprived of Life said...

HA! FA is a fagish hardcore band. we don't look tough enough anyway. and always joke around on photo session, well not an actual photo session just the session where someone has a camera and started taking pictures.

@ Najib, nah man, band kamu lebih cute dibandingi Final Attack. :D