June 24, 2010

Look what Ruiner gave me

Look what Ruiner gave me when they came over to Jakarta.
i know Ruiner came here like a couple of months ago and yeah i should have posted this earlier but i forgot. This is what i get when i was hanging out with them for 3 days.


a couple of hoodies but i sold the other one.

Ruiner "Don't Start A Band" tees
Ruiner "Clint Eastwood" tees
Ruiner "Jonestown" longsleeve
Ruiner "Hell Is Empty" LP
Ruiner banner

they wanted to give me some more but i decline, cause i think it is too much.
so yeah thank you Ruiner for everything.


June 22, 2010

Envy Me!

Envy me because i'll be receiving this in a very short time soon

Vicious Skin 10" picture vinyl.

Pulling Teeth "Pyschedelic Hell"

Pulling Teeth Iceland tour 2009

Pulling Teeth A389 anniversary 2009

Now tell me that i shouldn't be envied? hahahaha


so i'm sick again

So yeah now i'm sick again, i really don't know what hit me but it seems i got no appetite for eating anything. If i eat a normal portion of food i couldn't even finish it half of it, and some time i hurl it out like crazy. i don't know whats happening to me, the only thing that i can eat is pancake, which is soft and kind soggy even those i can't eat a whole bunch i gotta eat it up very slowly. oh well so much for my health...let just hope i get better soon. i don't want what happened last year happen again this year.

June 18, 2010

My design is feature on PT's page yet again

My new design for PT, i can't wait for the end result of the prints

May 17, 2010

BANE @ Masberto Jakarta



BANE...damn, didn't thought that they would actually come over here to south east asia, let alone coming to Indonesia...i'm speechless, never had so much fun like this. i'm not going to do a show review...i'm just going to post photo.

May 13, 2010

Don't mind this one

4 out of 6 design for PT are done....need 2 more

Hang The Bastard

There is something seriously wrong with the hardcore kids if they don't like this band. no shit you can't go wrong with it!
They got Electric Wizard & Black Sabbath, Slayer, Integrity, Ringworm mashed up together...kinda like Pulling Teeth but more groove in it. See why i told you that you cannot go wrong with this band. London's very own Hang The Bastard are here to smash it! Very psyched to see them next year to south east asia.
and also very excited in seeing their new t-shirt that i designed...ha!

in the mean time, check out their video