June 20, 2008


The almighty grinding thrash from Moshington D.C. Magrudergrind is coming to town
bands that will be opening up for them are

1. Ghaust : Experimental Dynamic Duo sludgers that sounded like Bongzilla & Russian Circles
2. Proletar : Political grind in the veins of Agathocles
3. Bangsat : Political Groovy grindcore in the veins of their ownself
4. Dead Vertical : Heavy blasting Death Metal Grind in the veins of Misery Index
5. RainCoat : All str8 edge non x'ed up oldschool hardcore in the veins of Bold
6. Final Attack : Ferocious Hardcore in the veins of Cro-Mags & Give Up THe Ghost
7. Raja Singa : Grinding Stoner from the swamp
8. xBraveHeartx : Str8 Edge in the veins of Have Heart
9. Grave Dancers : Satan Worshiping Trashmetal
10. Tersanjung 13 : Grindcore 99% Punk 1%
11. A Thousand Punch : Melodic Hardcore in the veins of Shai Hulud & With Honor
12. For Our Commitment : Old school hardcore in the veins of In My Eyes.

So you can expect lotsa fun!
mosh hard people cause we work really hard doing this.


June 09, 2008

new artwork

a tee design for my band, Final Attack
i still think that there is something missing in this design, but yeah, i'm gonna upload it anyway.
and also this one is the black colored one, there is still the other blue and lime print....all on white tshirt


June 04, 2008

Cut Sick @ Angki Hell

Another great show from Cut Sick At Angki's Hell. Damn! that place is hard to locate, took me around 30 minutes to find it while i'm already at the viscinity...but it's all good. i got in right after 3 bands already played...didn't manage to find out whom, as well. Didn't manage to watch Straight Answer as well cause i was packing Robo Murphy's demo. i didn't drink much there, cause i know i was way too tired, but i didn't manage to take lotsa pictures as well. i got my handful helping the dude who own the place.

After the show i tagged along with them towards DiPePi, cause i'm looking forward in buying their merchandise. Once there not only i bought their merchandise, but manage to find me Government Issue's Ep 7"...SWEET!
Obsesif Kompulsif

Cut Sick
Tersanjung 13

Cut Sick is fucking SICK

Well...a bad day turns into a awesome evening. I manage to play my first gig with Robo Murphy, along with several first time performance such as Bakar Diri, Fed Up With Lies, and the new line up for All Heroes Are Assholes (in which i used to play bass there), opening up for thrashcore band from Melbourne...pretty awesome performance they add up to the list. Raincoat's drummer also was replaced by Chino FxA (my homeboy from my other band), due to the fact that the drummer had an incident.
Wish i could take more pictures but i was too wasted to take pictures, though i manage to get few of them, and the rest i just keep it in my folders. Mad props to Ega for organizing this awesome gig.

Cut Sick tee
the locals
Robo Murphy
Zudas Krust

Fed Up With LiesCUT SICK


June 02, 2008

I'll set my body ablaze

Yesterday has been officially the most fucked up day i've ever had. i woke up sick, ended up being bored. and to add things up...my friend told me the most fucked up news to me.
i felt better today though, but still got lotsa stuff to do, so it'll only make me depressed cause i'm close to deadline.
wish that i'm dead