May 10, 2009


Updates and a whole lot of them!!
no really, a whole lot! i haven't been writing anything in my blog only because i want to wait until i got all my news and update put up together. But turns out there were a lot of news i need to update here. the recent update i can put up is that Final Attack is going to Singapore for a record release party! to be really honest, i only have $20 on spending money, and i need to sell some of my collection before i go, and the best shot i got is at Have Heart show. But i'm still crossing my fingers since i need to get around $80 to survive at least. -J-


All Year Summer said...

probably me too. huh. miss you guys alot. hope to see you there.!! farkk.. aku sudah jatuh miskin. hahah

Imelectric said...

oh keep me updated, will you?!

Imelectric said...

you made it! hahahhaa
ey jon, kindly inform me kalo ada gig2an, will you? ajak2 weapon of choice main.. huhu