September 03, 2009

To Whine or to Shine?

It's been 3 months since i got sick, well i'm still unwell, the virus is still eating my body i still get weak, sweat easily, i tire. But i got that in control (more or less) I-Need-To-Eat-Meaty-Food other than just healthy food. Sure spinach, corn, peas, etc makes me healthy, but it doesn't really really add up my weight. Well at least my complain part about food is already over, now all i need to do is to maintain my body weight. Still need to add it up cause somehow i have a really really bum legs, i can't run with it let alone jumping, so i spend most of my day in my bed watching tv or practicing walking faster. Also i spend most of my days listening to Cursed, Reign Supreme, Morrissey, and last but not least Pulling Teeth, so it couldn't be that bad.

Well other than complaining, i also want to remind myself that i feel really lucky. Though i haven't been really productive but i'm really happy to participate in making designs for top notch bands and record label. I'm also glad that i have a really cool circle of friends, they comfort and support me, sometimes in their own weird way but i still appreciate it. They taught me much about trusting people (well this doesn't really implies to everyone...haha). i'm not really good with fancy words anymore, i don't know why maybe i lost it somewhere when i stopped reading/writting. so my question is still am i more prone to whine or to shine? i'm just hoping for the best for myself

"How Great Things Happen When You Give Up Hope"


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United Blood Webzine said...

be tough mate,we're already missing you ;)