April 27, 2010

Shai Hulud Jakarta show

FINALLY! my days and years being a hardcore kid will finally pay off.
Shai Hulud is coming over and i am very stoked seeing them live here in my hometown.
Despite of all the nagging i receive about the local act (one band in particular), well let's just put it this way, you don't like it...then don't come to the show.
But enough about haters...let's just talk about Shai Hulud!! they have been my top 10 favorite band of all time...fuck working at the show, i'ma stage dive and go ape shit when Set Your Body Ablaze is on!


April 26, 2010

Wait in vain...literally

I rarely do this though, but i hate this feeling, a lot...waiting for my package to arrive. knowing how sketchy indonesian post office could be. but i'll cross my fingers hoping that everything will be alright.
But the brightside is that i'll be receiving a hell of a package.
hopefully all of them will arrive here safely.
here's the bunch of stuff i'm waiting for...
all were sent by different people.

Other news, Been doing more and more artwork for Almost Home, Thorn, Page 63 Clothing, and Ruiner. Mostly Thorn, i owe them this much to make several artwork for them. Been trying to work hard keeping up with everything i lost for almost a year when i was sick, i guess this is what keeps me going.

Integrity "Humanity Is The Devil" T-shirt

Integrity "We Are The End" T-shirt

Ringworm "Suicidal Vision"

Virgin Witch 7"

Virgin Witch "EP Cover"

Hang The Bastard "Raw Sorcery" EP

Hang The Bastard / Abolition split

Hang The Bastard "Blind Faith" t-shirt

Hang The Bastard / Brutality Will Prevail split

A389 Records Anniversary t-shirt

Pulling Teeth Psychedelic Hell t-shirt

Pulling Teeth Iceland Tour t-shirt

Pulling Teeth "Unholy Nun" t-shirt

Pulling Teeth "Snake Woman"


April 19, 2010


My artwork is featured by HCMoreThanMusic blog.
awesome!! a good beginning for the day, though i wake up feeling crappy about myself
me and Nabbe the bastard's art were featured there...in case you didn't know Nabbe, he is one of Pulling Teeth's designer also, check out his band also..Insult


April 18, 2010

Lady Gaga Annihilation!

These things is kinda funny where people trying connect stuff into another. really don't care if it is true thought.
The following article connects Lady Gaga to the Illuminati
and part two

so what? a lot of people trying to look all nasty and evil, well then theres the link for you to check out. i mean, you guys like satan, right? well check those link then.
i'll even throw in some bonus for you.


as the guys from Loadown would say "
If you want the most brutal slamtastic death mosh you can find. Your search can end, for this is IT. Throw this into the stereo turn on the "MEGA BASS x3" an roll a fat one or chop some lines, tie one on, inhale your fermented feces... Whatever.

check this out this LINK


April 14, 2010


I've been held up numerous times for finishing artwork. here's the list the i'm currently doing.

1. Thorn
2. Ruiner
3. Hang The Bastard
4. Final Attack

1. Shai Hulud Jakarta Show Poster
2. xMartyrx
3. Hantam Rata
4. Hope
5. Hellcore
6. Hellowar
7. In The Hollows
8. HHH split MDC
9. art submission for Penny Jakarta

a lot of design will be uploaded soon. right after i'm done with Hang The Bastard.
Also, i manage to finish Everybody's Enemy design...stoked on finally finishing it.

April 13, 2010

RUINER jakarta show

Yay! finally one of my favorite band came over to Jakarta. i hangout with them for 3 straight days, and at the show i got too worn out to do show review. But manage to take several pictures of them though it's not that good cause i wasn't using my own camera. Received shitloads of stuff from them in the end of the show. They asked me to make a couple of more designs. which is cool considering that they already pay me up front by showering me with merchs..haha. yeah i know, i'm a cheap skate.
anyway, i love them so much even more than i used to. Not because they gave me bunch of stuff but because they manage to play my favorite song. Kiss That Mother Fucker Good Night.

also check out Crappy Tee Collection. i upload some new stuff there.