July 01, 2009

Final Attack @ Have Heart Jakarta Show

This is the night before FA went to Singapore, we're beat, tired, exhausted. But we manage to finish our set, watch Have Heart, and go to Chino's & Andre's house.

The Merch Table, Dudes & Dudette.

The Aggressiveness

The Sweat

The Mic Grabbing

The Singalongs

The Guns?!

The Beats

*All picture credited to D. Advena*
she also made took this phenomenal photo.



sasha* said...

hi joneh (',')v

Kenet said...

kapan FA sama Pulling Teeth. hehe.

Deprived of Life said...

@ Sasha : Hello to you too...

@ Kenet : Kalau it terjadi langsung bikin party!!