June 24, 2010

Look what Ruiner gave me

Look what Ruiner gave me when they came over to Jakarta.
i know Ruiner came here like a couple of months ago and yeah i should have posted this earlier but i forgot. This is what i get when i was hanging out with them for 3 days.


a couple of hoodies but i sold the other one.

Ruiner "Don't Start A Band" tees
Ruiner "Clint Eastwood" tees
Ruiner "Jonestown" longsleeve
Ruiner "Hell Is Empty" LP
Ruiner banner

they wanted to give me some more but i decline, cause i think it is too much.
so yeah thank you Ruiner for everything.


June 22, 2010

Envy Me!

Envy me because i'll be receiving this in a very short time soon

Vicious Skin 10" picture vinyl.

Pulling Teeth "Pyschedelic Hell"

Pulling Teeth Iceland tour 2009

Pulling Teeth A389 anniversary 2009

Now tell me that i shouldn't be envied? hahahaha


so i'm sick again

So yeah now i'm sick again, i really don't know what hit me but it seems i got no appetite for eating anything. If i eat a normal portion of food i couldn't even finish it half of it, and some time i hurl it out like crazy. i don't know whats happening to me, the only thing that i can eat is pancake, which is soft and kind soggy even those i can't eat a whole bunch i gotta eat it up very slowly. oh well so much for my health...let just hope i get better soon. i don't want what happened last year happen again this year.

June 18, 2010

My design is feature on PT's page yet again

My new design for PT, i can't wait for the end result of the prints

May 17, 2010

BANE @ Masberto Jakarta



BANE...damn, didn't thought that they would actually come over here to south east asia, let alone coming to Indonesia...i'm speechless, never had so much fun like this. i'm not going to do a show review...i'm just going to post photo.

May 13, 2010

Don't mind this one

4 out of 6 design for PT are done....need 2 more

Hang The Bastard

There is something seriously wrong with the hardcore kids if they don't like this band. no shit you can't go wrong with it!
They got Electric Wizard & Black Sabbath, Slayer, Integrity, Ringworm mashed up together...kinda like Pulling Teeth but more groove in it. See why i told you that you cannot go wrong with this band. London's very own Hang The Bastard are here to smash it! Very psyched to see them next year to south east asia.
and also very excited in seeing their new t-shirt that i designed...ha!

in the mean time, check out their video

May 08, 2010

Fuck me..

Shit...hangover heart attack

Look what i got today!

D/R from PT/A389 records sent me this awesome package contains a whole bunch of vinyls.

Here's the list :
THE LOVE BELOW ‘Reproductive Rights’ 7″ (A389-041)
The Love Below hail from southern California and play fast, pulverising hardcore ala Left For Dead/The Swarm/Cursed

Two of California’s gnarliest and most infamous hardcore bands team up with two new brand new songs!

SERAPHIM ‘Self Titled’ 7″ (A389-038)
Hailing from Tupelo, MS, Seraphim deliver three tracks jammed with wall to wall riffs in the vein of Neurosis, Mastodon and Baroness.

INTEGRITY ‘March Of The Damned’ 7″ (A389-037)
Two songs from the original hard to find ‘Grace Of The Unholy’ Cassingle. Available only with the ‘To Die For’ preorder package

INTEGRITY ‘To Die For’ 10″ (A389-036)
Integrity’s awesome comeback album! Available on vinyl for the first time ever!!!

RINGWORM ‘1991 Demo’ 7″ (A389-035)
Ringworm’s legendary demo released on vinly in it’s original format. Available only as part of the preorder package for ‘The Promise’ 12″.

GLUTTONS ‘Self Titled’ 7″ (A389-034)
Imagine Human Furnace of Ringworm, singing for a band that sounds like a cross between Discharge and Motorhead…oh wait, that’s exactly what this is. This four song offering also features Chris Dora of Ringworm/Integrity on drums. Total rager.

DAY OF MOURNING ‘Your Future’s End 12″ (A389-033)
Delivering 6 tracks of crushing brutal deathcore, Canada’s Day Of Mourning was the ten year precursor to Pulling Teeth. Features guest vocals by Dwid Hellion and the Human Furnace!!!

RINGWORM ‘The Promise’ 12″ (A389-029)
At last, the long awaited vinyl re-issue of this Cleveland hardcore classic. Featuring the original artwork in a new gatefold package. Available for the first time on vinyl in over ten years!!!

PALA ‘Self Titled’ 7″ (A389-025)
This insane 4 piece from in and around Baltimore City feature Chris Kuhns of Pulling Teeth fame, alongside ex-members of local notables such as The Fall Line, Innure and Downside Risk. Moody spastic hardcore that incorporates a lot of technical and stonery elements.

Baltimore hardcore giants Trapped Under Ice team up with London England’s Dirty Money to each deliver two of their newest and best recordings to date. Two of the best bands around playing this style of hardcore.

DIE YOUNG ‘Loss’ 7″ (A389-022)
They’ve probably played your city at some point, and you probably went home that night with a lot to think about. Die Young from Texas, deliver four new tracks in the vein of Buried Alive meets Integrity, topped off with intelligent and thought provoking lyrics. Gold vinyl #100 of 130.

GEHENNA 'The Hope Guzzo Bootleg' 12" (Purple)
Available only as part of the Pre-order package, we ended up with a few leftovers sooooo take advantage while you can. Quantities are very limited. 2 brutal Gehenna sets circa the 'Negotium' LP. One from KXLU radio, One from Gilman. Features the photography of Hope Guzzo as well as an interview mini-booklet. Colored Vinyl: Purple Marble

VIRGIN WITCH 'Self Titled' 7"
Featuring members of PULLING TEETH, this 7 inches of vinyl from VIRGIN WITCH is a pleasant antidote to records that all sound the same. The slow doomy droney intro to "Nail of Dicara" builds with John Tardy human-flesh-eating death growls. The dirge of the undead has sounded! There's no weeping at this funeral and it's bound to be you they're mourning as the event of population control by devourment unfolds. "Sight Beyond Sight" is on the polar axis in more ways than just one; Gnarled vocals spew forth with hate and bile over taut KREATOR thrashing and attention-grabbing guitar leads arriving late in the piece. Due to the quality of these two songs, this record does what any good two or three-track disc should

I've been expecting for the Virgin Witch to arrive ever since a year ago...i do have an amazing patience. But now the wait is finally over, and now here i received 2 VW silver cover, grey vinyl. 1 gold cover black vinyl, and a test press!...sweet!!!
Though i wish that i'd get another Pulling Teeth lp, but hey with this much vinyl...i don't want to complain.

In other news...i'll be doing yet another design for Pulling Teeth! i already made four of them.

May 04, 2010


Another quick update.
Final Attack is doing yet another upcoming recording session, probably will be used for split or something...we'll just have to see about that.
While our up coming Abandoned Houses album will also be released by our friends from the almighty Firstnote Records. check them here Firstnote.
Expect an awesome bundle package from Firstnote Records for our Abandoned Houses album...
there will be a package that looks like a pizza box, and it contains the Abandoned houses album with entirely different looking cover and also the Length Of Time album with yet another much different looking cover.

Final Attack will be released in tape version by my friend from xHeadfirstx Records in North Carolina, US.
I'm not sure which song we're gonna put up for the tape version. but Abandoned Houses and Death Within Life will definitely be in that release. Another update for this release, i'm still looking forward on doing the split with Coke Bust, that also will be released by Headfirst Records...and it will be on vinyl! how great is that...its a prestige moment for Final Attack considering that there aren't many Indonesia band that are released in vinyl. So for those of you back then that thought that we wouldn't make it anywhere...see for your self how many things that we have accomplish during these past years. This is what D.I.Y really stands for...we make our own shows, book our own selves, we print our own merch, we (i, in this matter) design our own merch, we mostly pay for our own goddamn tickets going here and there. we don't have anyone to "manage" our band except ourselves.

check HEADFIRST Records

other news, i've been going ape shit to this band

Incredibly metallic hardcore with sick vocals, there are plenty of Ringworm/Integrity/Black Sabbath influences throughout but they also have more doom & straight up metal influences

check them here HANG THE BASTARD

and yet another news...i'll be doing another artwork for Virgin Witch cover, and also another for Pulling Teeth, Shai Hulud, Almost Home, Hantam Rata, Thorn, In The Hollows, Page #63 Clothing, HHH split with MDC...yes it's Million Dead Cops/ Million Dead Children/ Million Dead Copyrighter/ or anything Dave Dictor would say what MDC stand for.


May 03, 2010

SHAI HULUD Mysanthropy Tour

Finally, my favorite all time band came over to put a show in Jakarta!
The show was put up by Trueside Records and Three Chord System..all was well, The show wasn't like what i expected, not too much people came to the show, my bet it is because the local bands (well in this case, band) that opening up for Shai Hulud. Don't care much about that band who's opening up...people complain and complain who fit more to open up for them, tell me...who in the hell has the same vein as Shai Hulud does? There are no way in hell that any other local band are fitted enough to open up for Shai Hulud.
But i don't complain, i don't who will open up for them as long as i can see Shai Hulud in person. The show was spectacular...well, let me rephrase that...Shai Hulud was spectacular. I never saw so much energy in a band like the have.
What bums me the most is that they play Set Your Body Ablaze on their third song of the set...but fuck it, atleast i get to do stage dives, although not much cause i have to handle my camera while doing it.

also on a personal note..one of the band that were opening up for them ALICE was really really awesome! they should get to be noticed more often.

TRUESIDE Records family, ThreeChord System & Shai Hulud

i'm with main man, the legend Matt Fox!


April 27, 2010

Shai Hulud Jakarta show

FINALLY! my days and years being a hardcore kid will finally pay off.
Shai Hulud is coming over and i am very stoked seeing them live here in my hometown.
Despite of all the nagging i receive about the local act (one band in particular), well let's just put it this way, you don't like it...then don't come to the show.
But enough about haters...let's just talk about Shai Hulud!! they have been my top 10 favorite band of all time...fuck working at the show, i'ma stage dive and go ape shit when Set Your Body Ablaze is on!


April 26, 2010

Wait in vain...literally

I rarely do this though, but i hate this feeling, a lot...waiting for my package to arrive. knowing how sketchy indonesian post office could be. but i'll cross my fingers hoping that everything will be alright.
But the brightside is that i'll be receiving a hell of a package.
hopefully all of them will arrive here safely.
here's the bunch of stuff i'm waiting for...
all were sent by different people.

Other news, Been doing more and more artwork for Almost Home, Thorn, Page 63 Clothing, and Ruiner. Mostly Thorn, i owe them this much to make several artwork for them. Been trying to work hard keeping up with everything i lost for almost a year when i was sick, i guess this is what keeps me going.

Integrity "Humanity Is The Devil" T-shirt

Integrity "We Are The End" T-shirt

Ringworm "Suicidal Vision"

Virgin Witch 7"

Virgin Witch "EP Cover"

Hang The Bastard "Raw Sorcery" EP

Hang The Bastard / Abolition split

Hang The Bastard "Blind Faith" t-shirt

Hang The Bastard / Brutality Will Prevail split

A389 Records Anniversary t-shirt

Pulling Teeth Psychedelic Hell t-shirt

Pulling Teeth Iceland Tour t-shirt

Pulling Teeth "Unholy Nun" t-shirt

Pulling Teeth "Snake Woman"