April 14, 2010


I've been held up numerous times for finishing artwork. here's the list the i'm currently doing.

1. Thorn
2. Ruiner
3. Hang The Bastard
4. Final Attack

1. Shai Hulud Jakarta Show Poster
2. xMartyrx
3. Hantam Rata
4. Hope
5. Hellcore
6. Hellowar
7. In The Hollows
8. HHH split MDC
9. art submission for Penny Jakarta

a lot of design will be uploaded soon. right after i'm done with Hang The Bastard.
Also, i manage to finish Everybody's Enemy design...stoked on finally finishing it.


selfmadehistory said...

hantamrata-nya ditunggu:)

Ika said...

yay for being a hardworking artist!