April 26, 2010

Wait in vain...literally

I rarely do this though, but i hate this feeling, a lot...waiting for my package to arrive. knowing how sketchy indonesian post office could be. but i'll cross my fingers hoping that everything will be alright.
But the brightside is that i'll be receiving a hell of a package.
hopefully all of them will arrive here safely.
here's the bunch of stuff i'm waiting for...
all were sent by different people.

Other news, Been doing more and more artwork for Almost Home, Thorn, Page 63 Clothing, and Ruiner. Mostly Thorn, i owe them this much to make several artwork for them. Been trying to work hard keeping up with everything i lost for almost a year when i was sick, i guess this is what keeps me going.

Integrity "Humanity Is The Devil" T-shirt

Integrity "We Are The End" T-shirt

Ringworm "Suicidal Vision"

Virgin Witch 7"

Virgin Witch "EP Cover"

Hang The Bastard "Raw Sorcery" EP

Hang The Bastard / Abolition split

Hang The Bastard "Blind Faith" t-shirt

Hang The Bastard / Brutality Will Prevail split

A389 Records Anniversary t-shirt

Pulling Teeth Psychedelic Hell t-shirt

Pulling Teeth Iceland Tour t-shirt

Pulling Teeth "Unholy Nun" t-shirt

Pulling Teeth "Snake Woman"


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