April 13, 2010

RUINER jakarta show

Yay! finally one of my favorite band came over to Jakarta. i hangout with them for 3 straight days, and at the show i got too worn out to do show review. But manage to take several pictures of them though it's not that good cause i wasn't using my own camera. Received shitloads of stuff from them in the end of the show. They asked me to make a couple of more designs. which is cool considering that they already pay me up front by showering me with merchs..haha. yeah i know, i'm a cheap skate.
anyway, i love them so much even more than i used to. Not because they gave me bunch of stuff but because they manage to play my favorite song. Kiss That Mother Fucker Good Night.

also check out Crappy Tee Collection. i upload some new stuff there.