April 18, 2010

Lady Gaga Annihilation!

These things is kinda funny where people trying connect stuff into another. really don't care if it is true thought.
The following article connects Lady Gaga to the Illuminati
and part two

so what? a lot of people trying to look all nasty and evil, well then theres the link for you to check out. i mean, you guys like satan, right? well check those link then.
i'll even throw in some bonus for you.


as the guys from Loadown would say "
If you want the most brutal slamtastic death mosh you can find. Your search can end, for this is IT. Throw this into the stereo turn on the "MEGA BASS x3" an roll a fat one or chop some lines, tie one on, inhale your fermented feces... Whatever.

check this out this LINK


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