May 04, 2010


Another quick update.
Final Attack is doing yet another upcoming recording session, probably will be used for split or something...we'll just have to see about that.
While our up coming Abandoned Houses album will also be released by our friends from the almighty Firstnote Records. check them here Firstnote.
Expect an awesome bundle package from Firstnote Records for our Abandoned Houses album...
there will be a package that looks like a pizza box, and it contains the Abandoned houses album with entirely different looking cover and also the Length Of Time album with yet another much different looking cover.

Final Attack will be released in tape version by my friend from xHeadfirstx Records in North Carolina, US.
I'm not sure which song we're gonna put up for the tape version. but Abandoned Houses and Death Within Life will definitely be in that release. Another update for this release, i'm still looking forward on doing the split with Coke Bust, that also will be released by Headfirst Records...and it will be on vinyl! how great is that...its a prestige moment for Final Attack considering that there aren't many Indonesia band that are released in vinyl. So for those of you back then that thought that we wouldn't make it anywhere...see for your self how many things that we have accomplish during these past years. This is what D.I.Y really stands for...we make our own shows, book our own selves, we print our own merch, we (i, in this matter) design our own merch, we mostly pay for our own goddamn tickets going here and there. we don't have anyone to "manage" our band except ourselves.

check HEADFIRST Records

other news, i've been going ape shit to this band

Incredibly metallic hardcore with sick vocals, there are plenty of Ringworm/Integrity/Black Sabbath influences throughout but they also have more doom & straight up metal influences

check them here HANG THE BASTARD

and yet another news...i'll be doing another artwork for Virgin Witch cover, and also another for Pulling Teeth, Shai Hulud, Almost Home, Hantam Rata, Thorn, In The Hollows, Page #63 Clothing, HHH split with MDC...yes it's Million Dead Cops/ Million Dead Children/ Million Dead Copyrighter/ or anything Dave Dictor would say what MDC stand for.


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