May 03, 2010

SHAI HULUD Mysanthropy Tour

Finally, my favorite all time band came over to put a show in Jakarta!
The show was put up by Trueside Records and Three Chord System..all was well, The show wasn't like what i expected, not too much people came to the show, my bet it is because the local bands (well in this case, band) that opening up for Shai Hulud. Don't care much about that band who's opening up...people complain and complain who fit more to open up for them, tell me...who in the hell has the same vein as Shai Hulud does? There are no way in hell that any other local band are fitted enough to open up for Shai Hulud.
But i don't complain, i don't who will open up for them as long as i can see Shai Hulud in person. The show was spectacular...well, let me rephrase that...Shai Hulud was spectacular. I never saw so much energy in a band like the have.
What bums me the most is that they play Set Your Body Ablaze on their third song of the set...but fuck it, atleast i get to do stage dives, although not much cause i have to handle my camera while doing it.

also on a personal of the band that were opening up for them ALICE was really really awesome! they should get to be noticed more often.

TRUESIDE Records family, ThreeChord System & Shai Hulud

i'm with main man, the legend Matt Fox!