February 10, 2009


all photos by D.Advena

Parkway Drive show...
this show was pretty much massive for Final Attack. but all rounder it was a great show...the management of the show was coordinated very good. I haven't seen 1 asshole acting security. the show promoter was really nice, giving us everything we needed in a show (in which we didn't ask for anything at all except to let our guys in).
The highlight was not of course when we played, nor is it when Parkway Drive was playing. They of course manage to shred the stage pretty neatly...i have never seen such performance from band like when i see Parkway Drive. BUT, the highlight was when Chino went passed the guys from Parkway Drive and Winston (the vocalist), saw Chino's tag and said "You're Final Attack?, Dude...through out the whole tour, i have seen your band t-shirt everywhere. And turns out we played together in this show. I saw Final Attack perform earlier...and you guys are awesome!, like from all the shows we've played in this tour, you guys are the best one".
Hahaha...i smiled very widely when i heard this from Chino. so i decided to give them a copy of our CD.
Cocky as it may sound but hearing that from a touring band especially from the band that i like. Hahaha...

this one is actually pointless to write about but i just want to point out that i am really proud of what Final Attack are doing, a local hardcore with DIY ethic band, who lots of people think we suck at Indo because we don't play metal or heavy shits like most of the "hardcore" band would play, but turns out that we have accomplish more than even we would expect. We manage to release an album, an EP and several demos, not to mentioned around 28 t-shirt design. also upcoming 7" split album with Coke Bust.



UNCLE G said...

jieeehhhh....fukk being sick! fukk!

Deprived of Life said...

yeah too bad you didn't join mate.

Jan said...


Chris Immunity said...

Yo dude, my name is Chris and I'm the singer from the band ANTHEMS you posted a blog about not too long ago.

i have a few questions for you if you could either give me your email address or just shoot me an email!
Thanks dude


Najib Humphrey said...

Like Woah!
Winston said that?? I would smile for ten straight days if he said that to me.
Cant wait for the new release.

Deprived of Life said...

@ Najib : Yeah man, he did. my eyes got starry when he said that and it was quite of an awesome show despite Chino's amp set was fucked up on the operating system. But all was well because of what Winston said :D