June 20, 2008


The almighty grinding thrash from Moshington D.C. Magrudergrind is coming to town
bands that will be opening up for them are

1. Ghaust : Experimental Dynamic Duo sludgers that sounded like Bongzilla & Russian Circles
2. Proletar : Political grind in the veins of Agathocles
3. Bangsat : Political Groovy grindcore in the veins of their ownself
4. Dead Vertical : Heavy blasting Death Metal Grind in the veins of Misery Index
5. RainCoat : All str8 edge non x'ed up oldschool hardcore in the veins of Bold
6. Final Attack : Ferocious Hardcore in the veins of Cro-Mags & Give Up THe Ghost
7. Raja Singa : Grinding Stoner from the swamp
8. xBraveHeartx : Str8 Edge in the veins of Have Heart
9. Grave Dancers : Satan Worshiping Trashmetal
10. Tersanjung 13 : Grindcore 99% Punk 1%
11. A Thousand Punch : Melodic Hardcore in the veins of Shai Hulud & With Honor
12. For Our Commitment : Old school hardcore in the veins of In My Eyes.

So you can expect lotsa fun!
mosh hard people cause we work really hard doing this.


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UNCLE G said...

dude i need some pics from MG show last nite for my blog...hahaha..cheers mate!