June 04, 2008

Cut Sick @ Angki Hell

Another great show from Cut Sick At Angki's Hell. Damn! that place is hard to locate, took me around 30 minutes to find it while i'm already at the viscinity...but it's all good. i got in right after 3 bands already played...didn't manage to find out whom, as well. Didn't manage to watch Straight Answer as well cause i was packing Robo Murphy's demo. i didn't drink much there, cause i know i was way too tired, but i didn't manage to take lotsa pictures as well. i got my handful helping the dude who own the place.

After the show i tagged along with them towards DiPePi, cause i'm looking forward in buying their merchandise. Once there not only i bought their merchandise, but manage to find me Government Issue's Ep 7"...SWEET!
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Cut Sick
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