October 17, 2008

Holy hot shit, batman!

the new FA album is going to be released again, around November.
whoa, talk about pretty productive...2 release in a year.
well glad that the last released is almost out anyway,
only a hundred left, and that one is for the South East Asian tour we're gonna jam ourself into.
and about the new record, it's not that basic fast style heavy chugga chugga shit. kinda combination between Leeway, Integrity, Pantera (? perhaps, don't really listen to Pantera that much), Entombed! (i gotta give credits to this band also), and as always..Madball. But to me, this EP is full on Leeway. anyhoo...still with no trying-too-hard-to-play-metal, no typical subjects about unity(cause i think that unity is rather hilarious), hardcore scene, or that kinda shit. this release is more personal to the other members because it interpret a whole lotta different meanings to us. as the title of would be "LENGTH OF TIME", it represents Final Attack as a band that started as a joke and still going further as a joke but manage to concentrate they lyrics more to the social subject, all the shits we've been thru and had to deal with, all those rumours that strikes me funny, all the pain, the loss, the anger, the hardwork we did, as i mentioned before...everything that we have endure, But still manage to go thru all those shits and still on going strong.

Strong is a pretty strong word i guess, but i use this as a guide to portray what FA has accomplish. we have a good record company that willing to release us (All hail FIRSTNOTE RECORDS!!!), we have an also equal good friends who are willing to help us distributing our record, screen printing company that always puts up with all (well most) of our official merchandises (which btw we sell by ourself. NOTE: you will rarely see our merchandise anywhere). by far we still manage this band ourself, no managerial bullshit floating around us...not that i think that its wrong to have a manager but personally for me and the rest of the members, we think that as far communication goes we can go manage this band by ourself. and as Dillinger Escape Plan would say in one of their articles some issues on AP "having a manager in your band doesn't make your band more professional than the rest".

oh yeah almost forgot, FA supposed to release the split album with Brutal Terrorism, yeah and i'm sorry to say that its been post-poned again. Firstnote Records (and FA) feels that it is better to release this EP first because we want to give a tribute to the late Mario Ganzamo & Dhenu...so this ep will be dedicated to them. and yeah the split with Brutal Terrorism will still be released around 2009, and on that year FA will be releasing a split 7"! get stoked on this baby!
the band that we will be working on with will be announced, not soon!, but around december. so keep your pants on till that day comes.

i'm out


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