September 24, 2008


SHIT!! dammit i got a lot of design to listed to almost 16 projects.
dammit it seems that i just don't have the time for doing all of this. i'm i think i'm just gonna take a look on the brightside...atleast i can get me lotsa merch by doing this.
anyhoo...yeah things will be great afterwards. another thing that i have on my mind is that other than design projects i got me lot more homework to do like finishing FA's latest (even newer) recording, organizing shitloads of show and such, not to mention my daily job.
but again...hope that all is going to be well

in the meantime check out this upcoming show for indonesia. provided by Trueside Records
and a whole bunch of people that been helping me organizing these show, UxF Bookings, Firstnote Records, Larangan Youth, Workhard Moshhard.

Here After - aussie hardcore metal.

A Better Hope Foundation - hardcore from california

last but not least! Hardfest 2008!
this one is going to be massive!!!


All Year Summer said...

kill kill kill.. die die die.. ahahha.

dinda said...

katanya lagi produktif hihi