March 11, 2010



Band : Give Life
Hometown : Japan
Genre : Hardcore/Punk
Website :
Sounds Like : Silence Kills the Revolution, FC Five, Miles Away

GIVE LIFE was formed in Japan in December 2006. They made their first Demo with only one song in summer 2007 and they started touring, after that they made another demo consisting of 5 songs. After that, they carry on playing shows, touring and supported many bands such as HAVE HEART, SHIPWRECK A.D, OUTBREAK, DOWN TO NOTHING, SINKING SHIPS, MILES AWAY on their Japan tours.

May 2009, they did a tour with GRAVE MAKER in Japan and in June, they did the tour over the west coast in the United States for 2 weeks and performing at RAIN FEST '09. March 2010 they will tour to South East Asia. They will be releasing their 6 songs CD called Actions? from their own label 'GRANDSIDE' Records in spring 2010. The sounds that they have are strained feelings, emotional, high energized,with lots of sing-alongs and breakdowns, straight and modern hardcore.


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