January 16, 2009

HA!! in your face mutha fahka!

Oh yeah today has just been really spectacular!!
more designs to do, name Final Attack, 8 design in a week, all regarding the upcoming Length Of Time release so the design would be really different from the ones i used to make for Final Attack not to mention one design that are a tribute to The Smiths. the thing is that the i wanted the print to be discharge on the t-shirt, so it would take less ink on the shirt, and less hot when the weather is humid, but i still haven't got any news on how minimally it takes to do discharge print. Also the one above i posted. it's a zombie head design...well, beheaded zombie though. we'll just see if i can finish those in time, i'm kinda slacking off on the details. and not to mention it takes loads of color to do that piece.
Straight Answers upcoming album cover,just did the photo session today, but still not sure on how would the cover would look like, cause me and Aca ran outta idea for the cover, but things will be finish soon. we'll go most likely with a live picture outside...need more Straight Answer photo stock.
a cover design for Teaser Opera, metalcore band from malaysia that i've been working on...too bad the progress are going on really REALLY slow, somehow i don't want to go hasty on this one.
a zombie design for SB crew Malaysia...kinda feel heavy to give this one away though but a promise is a promise and up until now i still haven't uploaded the design to them yet...hahaha.

Ryan from Think Fast! Records contacted me today asking me if i can make more design for Wait In Vain, No Harm Done and Grave Maker...i totally said yes right away, i have an idea on how the Wait In Vain & Grave Maker design would look like, but really no idea and i mean NO IDEA at all for No Harm Done. I'll probably gonna go for something easy and less mystical & scary than my usual style for No Harm Done.
Wait In Vain this design will be influenced by 1984 by George Orwell, While Grave Maker will be influenced by Edgar Allen Poe.
A Better Hope Foundation design is in my list of sketches too...1 corn design ( Matt asked me to do this ), and 1 more serious design kinda like His Hero Is Gone / Tragedy design (but more color!).
J Rivera from xHEADFIRSTx Records also contact me today asking me to make design for the FA split with Coke Bust 7" cover. something like Pulling Teeth or Integrity or Ruiner design...still having no idea on how it would look like though...but i got the guideline so i guess it would be easier since it is also my band and i know the turning point idea of the band and everything. if the design is done, he'll probably gonna hand me over several test press...i don't know how to sell it though so i guess i'm gonna just keep everything. and when the record is done, i'll be selling the 7". it'll be really hard to sell since not a lot of people in Indonesia have record player. so i guess i'm just gonna sell it to a collector, and think about it...it can be fun to have huge collection of releases.
last but not least...Lord Dom (Pulling Teeth!) sent me a message asking me for the design sample i gave him! guess he's interested in some of my design, i don't care, he can take all the design for all i care...haha. He offered me huge bundle of stuff like records, money and test press...HA!!!
how cool is that!. I hope i didn't ask too much when i asked for a couple of t-shirt that i design and zip up hoodie...but who knows he would.

anyway...this is how my day ended up really amazingly great. i can't wait till all the package arrive.
Also other random stuff...the xMOTIVATIONx tour is coming up in jakarta. it's gonna be a wild show!

Tomorrow is gonna be horror for me, i gotta go as early as i could to see Dinda, and at night i'm gonna get my back tattoo finish. hopefully if i still have more strength i'll get my Morrissey logo finish on my arm. Eat your heart out Aca & Doddy!

in the meantime, enjoy this video, since today Morrissey, Panic, The Smiths, Pulling Teeth and Shook Ones been such a great friend accompanying me today.



firstnote said...

a busy bee you are..what do you mean youre gonna keep all that records, pass me the test presses man, you know im a sucker for test presses!

All Year Summer said...

you gonna die soon. hahaha. to many jobs.!

Deprived of Life said...

pretty much! i'm gonna keep all of them,hahahaha. it's pulling teeth dude.
i sacrifice everything to get any of them merch and records...hahaha.