December 10, 2008


We'll be working together along with UxF Bookings for further more in getting more bands to come over here to Indonesia, more band will be informed soon as possible and apart from that

Final Attack will be going to Malaysia to play at Bridging Oceans on the 13th and Mosh Party II on the 14th. along with A Better Hope Foundation (US), Here After (AUS), Bloody Rejects (S'Pore), and xElevenx at Bridging Oceans. While at Mosh Party II, with Here After (AUS), and Killing Me Inside (INA). shite...both show will be equaly awesome!
hopefully the merch would still last...haha
this is the merch that we will be bringing.

Raincoat also manage to finish up their recording hopefully it'll be mixed and mastered soon enough. after that it'll be released by us, Trueside Records. Pretty stoked on releasing these youth crew heroes...lotsa energy in them, awesome band with awesome songs with even more awesome people in it.

Robo Murphy will be opening up Ghaust (An Heavy Semi-prog Instru-metal band from Jakarta), along with Fall, Denial, Kelelawar Malam. Probably gonna be the most diverse show ever been put up, Fall will representing Post-Hardcore, Denial will be representing Noise-rock, Kelelawar Malam representing Horror-punk, and Robo Murphy will be representing...well...themself.

And HARDFEST IV is coming up on 27th December. i can say that this show is going to be really packed because it's been going on for 4 years and still going strong. be sure to bring more money because variation of merchandises will be sold here at the show. remember that the show will start at 13:00 pm at Stardust Cafe at Sarinah Thamrin.
Loads of band will be playing, just to name a few...Lost Sight, The Jinxz, End Of Age , Bestiality, A Better Hope Foundation (US), Soldier Embrace (Malang), Hooded (Bandung), Take One Step (Bogor), This Heart (Yogyakarta), and loads of Jakarta bands.

The Germs Rip-off .....well, more or less

also one finest Looserz t-shirt will be released that day too!!
ask Firstnote Records about it


All Year Summer said...

Shittsss.. FA hardfest edition shirt. i really need one.! huh.

UNCLE G said...

HA! LOVE THEM! remember....ONE EACH!