November 21, 2008

Been staying off

Been staying off the internet lately, or anything digital...except for DVD ever since 2 weeks ago. and now i am back using these item of electronics. felt kinda good but i have to catch up withh all the email and designs that i promised to people around me.

Yeah, the two weeks of didn't really help much because i still have to run everything by myself, in example i have to run Trueside records, my other EO project, Congkak Culas design, FA design, Cover, Printing, zine and also some other contact i have to be on updating the split album, not to mention i got my mind set on FA show at Kuala Lumpur. so yeah even if i manage to get myself some rest for the week i still know that i have lots to update. anyhoo...yeah after the tour i'm gonna tell the other FA kids to take a month off from's really hectic.

But last two weeks it has been kinda fun also, as i manage to receive bundle of package sent by Ryan Outreak, and also from Ian Reas of about fun stuff they sent me.
and i'm still waiting for the package from Dom Pulling Teeth...i'm not sure what he sent me but i know that i am going to love it, since he didn't mentioned what he is going send.
Keep your eyes peeled on the FA upcoming split 7" that will be released by xHeadfirstx Records NC, USA. and for FA upcoming EP that will be released by the almighty Firstnote Records Jakarta Indonesia.

check out
for some of the new artwork i made.
are some of the list that kindly ask me to design for them


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All Year Summer said...

save me 1 7", if not i will kill you for sure. ahahah.