August 30, 2008

08-29 Trip

heavy raining

tire checking

ass holding

sun setting

snack munching

sun rising

ghetto walking

dark housing

mixing mastering

Megan fantasizing

group posing

guy jumping

ass watching

ROAD TRIP to Bandung! well, me and the 2 Final Attack brothers has to do a mixing and mastering session there. so instead we brought along the guys from Rain x Coat, 2 dudes from Bali and Otto. With the help from 2 local Bandung guys Isan & Andri.
Well we manage to get a great road trip although it started off really bad cause the weather was fucked and also it took us till 3:40 am to find us a decent motel. got me truckloads of indecent photos as well...not really proud of it but it is funny!

and Oh! finally finish the mixing & mastering for Final Attack new material. which up until now we still don't know for what should we use it. should we keep it as a stock, for new ep, for the old split album or for the new split.


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Jan said...

megan fox, couldn't agree more dudeeee.