July 07, 2008

Rants about Surabaya show!

I’m not gonna say much about the show at Malang, cause they treat us really well! Even more than I would expect they do. The show we played were fucking insane, I’ve never seen such enthusiast and such jumping spin kicks at FxA show. And to be quite honest I know that none of them kids who mosh ever heard of FxA before. But they shown much respect to us so I put them in my mind and my heart.

The show at surabaya suck donkey balls, I feel that they want to neglect us from the start. First case when FxA, PCHC & MxG arrive at the stasion. They would only pick up MxG and not caring about how PCHC & FxA would end up. But we really don’t give a shit about them…

We went to the venue with one of the promoter’s car. When we arrive at the Venue there was a big ass banner for MxG, the MxG kids said that this is the most ridiculous thing they ever saw. Even Chris the drummer said “I officially gonna break the edge if I play in this show”, Why? Because this show was sponsored by big ass cigarette corporation!. They didn’t mention anything about this at all…we were expecting a D.I.Y. show but instead they gave this crappy huge ass show.

Not to mention the body guards they got to guard MxG, they say that it was unnecessary. It was so-un-punk. Even when I put the FxA merch at the merch table, the dude running the merch table don’t give a shit about the FxA tee…even when I came to collect the money and merch, that dude is already gone. I didn’t panic cause I know that I can put up more points not to support their show anymore. Fortunatelly the money and merch were collected by the MxG kids, they keep it safe and sound for us.

The part when the show was over, one of the promoter ask my guitarist “where ya gonna stay?”, my guitarist replied “I don’t know, aren’t we supposed to get a hotel room or something?” , then the promoter replied “Oh, no…that room is for MxG only, where you gonna stay is none of my concern”. So yeah we got pissed and decided to just sleep at the airport, then Kasey from MxG asked us about where we gonna go after this, she got really pissed when she knows how they treated us. So she invited us to stay at the hotel.

Once we were in the hotel, they provide 2 rooms. Without ever having any hesitation, we just throw in all our stuff there. Then a guy comes in and said, “this room is not for you, it’s for the MxG kids”. I really didn’t care much about what he said and then came along the MxG kids while saying “just take this room, our room is big enough for the four of us anyway”. We hangout a lot in that room we got, the Malang kids, PCHC, MxG and FxA everyone was basically trying to spend their last night together.

While in the other room, Indra, Me, Chris and Avy were negotiating about the money they got from that huge as cigarette sponsor. And they said that they can only provide MxG with 50$ for the show. Okay they showed us the list consisting the show income and everything. Most of the details they put up are such bullshit. More than 11 distro sponsor can only give 10$ combined?! And only 200 people paid for the ticket? That’s bull shit, I saw that there were more than 200, not more than 400 though. All the bullshit they put us up with…are just plain stupid.

Too bad later on the Malang kids along with PCHC have to go back to Malang. It leaves just the FxA and MxG. In the morning they dipped out around 4 in the morning, they came to our room and say goodbye to us…I really hate good bye’s and shits like that. But it was touching for me…10 minutes after they left, I went to sleep.

Waking up while still feeling pissed. We decided to just dip right away…heading our ass to the train station. We missed the train when we got there, and the next train would be around 14:00 or 18:00 or 20:00. I think the promoter tricked us, we were supposed to take the earliest train which supposed to be 12:00 ish but turns out the most earliest train was at 08:00, either he lied or he doesn’t know (yeah! Like I would believe him). Oh did I mentioned that we went there alone by ourself lost in an unknown city? Not even any help from that promoter officials whatsoever. So off we head to the airport which cost us a lot, let alone the plane tickets…it cost us a hefty!

But I’m safe and sound back at home, feeling tired and weak after the trip but still forcing my way to write this all down about the pure discrimination we received from them, and resizing some of the pic I took on that tour. KUDOS for Uncle G for letting us use the merch money, and KUDOS for the Malang kids that helps us a lot when we were at Malang and Surabaya.

Current stuff I listened while writing this down

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Jan said...

did you guys meet up with Anita?

Jan said...

oh dude, sorry to hear that your surabaya show wasn't as enjoyable as you guys would've thought. damn, those are big banners (plus LA Lights)..yeah no wonder MxG kids were shocked to see it. you owe me more story Joneeehh!

UNCLE G said...

imma send The Jakarta Wolfpack their way soon...fukk em! oh well...holla when you done chillin down.

Dane said...

awesome pics!!! greets from Manila! will add you on my links! cheers!